Logo depicting paint pot filled with a paintbrush, mouse, and Stephen's glasses with SJC printed on the pot


Web Developer & Illustrator

Stephen J Cater - My Website


I built this website from scratch. No frameworks, no content management systems. The drawings, logos and icons (except a few social icons and Google Fonts) were all created by me too.

After I did a range of drawings, I made some wireframes in Sketch to plan out the necessary code ahead. I wrote the CSS for mobile first, and then for the bigger devices I introduced CSS Grid and Flexbox through media queries.

I decided to delve into CSS Grid for the following reasons:

The website is best viewed in Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox... but it also works nicely in Edge and Internet Explorer 11 — those prefixes for Grid were a lot of "fun" ;)

I hope you enjoy the website as much as I enjoyed building it. I'll be making improvements along the way, so watch this space.

Website Link

You're on it right now - stephenjcater.com

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